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Nucleus ATAR temperature control from Niche Food Systems.


Nucleus ATAR

Nucleus ATAR

ATAR- Active Temperature Alerts & Recording

Monitor real time temperature with an active power sensor, food temperature and ambient temperature control recording and reporting.

Nucleus ATAR – Areas of Use

Available for any Touch Screen Module in the Bizzerba Niche Range. With the possibility of adapting current third party hardware.

Fully integrated temperature, thermometer or sensors with any of the Niche Bizerba touch screens. Please call to discuss integration with 3rd party monitors or PC systems.

Despatch, OFF, Goods IN, Portion Control, Recipe, Batch Cutting or Other Production Modules

Record the Temperature every time an action is Completed, Scan a Barcode, Record a Weight, Print a Label. Also includes remote temperature control. Continuous monitoring of your produce at all times.

Email Alerts if the Temperature goes outside a predefined range for the location.

Nucleus ATAR – Other uses

Industrial Humidity Control is an essential concern for warehouse supervisors. Controlling moisture and temperature a in warehouse environment impacts product integrity as well the productivity of employees and equipment. Nucleus ATAR is a fantastic solution for industrial moisture and temperature control. Nucleus ATAR provides a fantastic method of containing heat and moisture in specific regions of the warehouse. A warehouse curtain wall, Nucleus ATAR, is a substitute for a panel style wall for moisture control or a rigid wall. ATAR, is a modular warehouse thermometer and software system for containing humidity and heat perfectly. Nucleus ATAR, can be installed quickly or removed readily, and re installed in another region of the warehouse.

Nucleus ATAR can hang from ceiling joists in any position or may be installed on slide tracks allowing it to move forwards as well as backward. It can also be integrated into terminals throughout the building. For higher traffic areas, ATAR may be built to work around strip doors. A leading distributor to meat producers and retailers across the country. Other partners include Abattoirs for fresh meat divisions. After assessing the integrity of the facility this is easily installed in meat packing areas.

For more information on temperature control or you may require a bespoke solution, we would happy to have a discussion regarding your requirements. Contact us today for more information.