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Food Production Yield Management and increased production. Niche Food Systems Yield Management process tool.

Food Production Yield Management

Food Production Yield Management


The administration framework instrument to enhance the primary production of goods. Four primary areas of data administration applications, bolstered by current innovation advancements, showcasing and client request driven administration culture, have been distinguished in assuming the main part in developing yield administration through volume control, incomes and a general change of financial outcomes. Promoting computerisation and item dispersion through modernised administration frameworks.

Food Production Yield Management – Process Tools

The Necleus application allows for complete food data capture and traceability with yield control. Offering the added layer of transparency on live products. Allowing for quick reordering and yield control and batch control. A modular part of the unique ERP system from Niche Food Systems. Increased costs and overheads are making this application one of the most popular management tools for any food production sector. Reducing wastage and maximising profits where ever possible, automatically. On install and an initial data run, the software will automatically recommend adjustments to process’s and offer adjustments to maximise on the the achievable yields for each product.

Food Production Yield Management – Reducing Costs

Reducing man hours and time spent analysing results, the software will complete analysts tasks and offer recommendation at a touch of a button. In real time it will measure current yields and offer and highlight areas for improvement or areas that need addressing. Reducing costly mistakes and allowing for greater profit margins on every batch produced.

Food Production Yield Management – Integration

This module with easily integrate with your existing SOP and ERP system. The modular food production yield management tool normally used as an off the shelf ready to go product. Alternatively we will work with you and implement a system that works with your business, as oppose to a package that you have to work around. We pride ourselves on being the most robust and cost effective solution in the market today.

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