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Food Data Capture from Niche Food Systems.

Food Data Capture

Food Data Capture

Many software systems on the market today can trace food back to the source and all the way to dispatch. However in our experience there are usually manual operations in the process that are still done with pen and paper. We supply automatic labelling software. Combined with the latest check weigh technology and integrating your scales and printers to offer you a seamless operation that can be tracked and traced from suppliers, goods in to dispatch.

Food Data Capture & Traceability

Adding the final layer of food traceability and also reducing man hours and saving you huge resources. Allowing utilisation of staff in a more effective manor and removing the element of inevitable errors when manual operations are used. The entire system, easily set up in a back office. The operatives will get to the workstation, the station will have a digital picking list. Prepare the goods. Label the goods and move on to the next batch. All monitored in real time. Historical reports are always available for any given date.

Food Data Capture – Compliance

More than just bar code management the software enables you to be consistently compliant. Meeting all the required legislation for now and into the future. Niche food systems backed by Bizerba ensures that any future requirements within the industry will be met. Be confident that software solutions are future proofed from now on.

Food Data Capture – Benefits

  • Reduction in manpower at dispatch
  • Prevent costly product recalls
  • Increased efficiency – faster dispatch process
  • Accuracy – bar code scanning rather than manually writing weights
  • Professional image with printed and emailed invoices
  • Posting to accounts rather than manually entering
  • Avoiding senior management doing day to day tasks

For more information on Food Data Capture or the Food Traceability systems from Niche, feel free in contacting us today. We offer free site surveys and consultation visits. All backed by Bizerba.