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Recipe Formulation

Recipe Formulation Systems

The Nucleus Recipe Formulation food system is networked, allowing you to monitor what is happening on the factory floor without leaving your office.

Each recipe is stored securely on your office PC with all HACCP requirements and mix instructions.

Using our back office software all production requirements and orders are entered onto the office PC, we can then tell you what raw materials are required to achieve the days production and if they are in stock. The production requirements for the day are then sent to the factory touch screen.

Using a touch screen recipe station the production plan is displayed and operators select which recipe to work on. As the system operator proceeds through the recipe step-by-step, the program monitors each stage to eliminate errors. This ensures that each recipe cannot be completed unless the correct ingredients are added at the correct weight.

If the operator has omitted to check the lot number, then the system will prevent them from adding further ingredients and will offer a prompt.

The date of each lot number can be verified to check that the operative is using the correct resources.

Goods in Module

This module records all raw materials as they come into your factory (including packaging) and can be used alongside the recipe formulation system to facilitate comprehensive stock control. It also checks to make sure that the operative is using the correct ingredient and in the correct stock rotation.

Using this module during the process, as the terminal records an ingredient that has been used it is taken off the actual stock inventory, in real time. It is also a great food traceability software tool – we can trace your finished product right back to your ingredient suppliers (which saves you trawling through reams of paperwork).

A comprehensive reports suite is also available.

Please contact us to find out more about our recipe formulation system and how it can help streamline your business processes.

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