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Meat & Poultry. Food Traceability

Meat & Poultry. Food Traceability from Nucleus. The food industry mobile food APP.

Meat and Poultry

By seamlessly linking into our office purchase order processing system, our factory system enables goods coming in to be easily identified and weighed into stock.

HACCP questions are prompted and traceability information is recorded.

This facilitates real time raw material stock management, by allocating unique bar codes which provide the initial basis for your food traceability system.

As the raw materials enter the factory the unique bar code is scanned providing valuable information about the work in progress.

Using our sales order processing system all customer orders can be entered onto the office PC or imported directly from the Mobile Gateway app. All customer history and pricing information is held here.

Sales orders are sent to factory touch screens, which will show the production schedule and products to be prepared. Operators can cut and pack products according to instructions and quality pictures on the screen. Products can be labelled here or later in the process, once they are ready for dispatch.

Each system is tailored to suit our customer’s preferences, promoting familiarity and greatly reducing room for error.

Being able to access the raw material information, as the products are processed enables customers to generate an accurate yield.

When the products are ready for dispatch, a hand-held scanner or touch screen will display all orders for dispatch. Products can be scanned or when using the touch screen can be weighed and labelled. Any notes that have been set against either the product or the order can be viewed on the touch screen. A box label can be produced which includes all items in the box(es) along with a customer name and round number.

Each order will not be marked as complete until all of the necessary elements have been scanned. Once it has been fulfilled, the hand-held scanner or touch screen is able to transmit all of the relevant data back to the office PC, which then produces the accompanying documentation including delivery notes and delivery round information. Finally all information is recorded and stored in accordance with traceability guidelines then sent to the FX accounts package – or exported to your existing accounts package for invoicing.

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