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At Niche we recognise that within the Food Service Industry, chilled foods are only a small part of what you do, however we can act as the “bit in the middle.” By using our Factory hardware and software, Niche food service systems provide the link from capturing weight and traceability information to scanning and dispatch and send this information to your existing systems for invoicing.

By linking in to your existing supply chain software for retail and wholesale distribution we can import your orders for chilled products to our back office software. We can create a production plan and list clearly by using our Touch Screen Dispatch stations what is required to fulfil each order for each customer, facilitating both food quality management and tracebility.

By using our Goods In module we can record all HACCP information and start the online traceability process. By labelling your raw material as it comes in with a unique batch number and bar code we can look after your raw material/primal stock and give accurate yield information by carcass and also by supplier.

We can help you process and label your product using our unique batch cutting and labelling system this can be a stand-alone weigh price labelling system from our partners Bizerba or one of our networked batch cutting and labelling stations, these are helpful if you are cutting to a particular customers specification, a clear picture of the acceptable presentation of each product is displayed along with precise instructions.

When the products are ready for dispatch, a hand-held scanner or touch screen will display all orders for dispatch. Products can be scanned or when using the touch screen can be weighed and labelled. Ensuring that you send the right order to the correct customer – we can even tell you which route and which van or lorry to put them on.

As the Nucleus package has been developed specifically for the food industry a lot of attention has been put into all aspects of traceability.

It is possible to use the system to conduct product recalls where the user can enter a specific batch number and the system will generate a product recall report detailing all of the customers who have received products from the batch, giving details of the delivery date and order numbers.

If you have the Nucleus purchase order processing module it is possible to trace an item from an invoice to dispatch note to order, through any production processing and back to the Goods Received note, purchase order and hence supplier that it has originated from.

No more handwriting weights, no more data entry and no more error.

For more information about how Nucleus 8 can help improve your business please contact us.

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