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Fish Traceability with Nucleus

Fish Traceability with Nucleus. The full 360 data capture solution from Niche Food Systems.

Fish and Seafood

Niche offer a range of fish and seafood solutions. Our Nucleus Fish Traceability systems and fish processing systems encompass a range of software written especially for the fish industry. Designed to minimise data entry and maximise throughput, customers who use our fish traceability systems report up to 50% labour saving when compared to using a manual system to complete similar tasks.

We don’t just write the software – each system includes a food-grade stainless steel touch screen computer for weighing operations. The system is dust and waterproof to IP65 standard and can be operated easily, even by gloved hands. We offer a full range of weighing platforms alongside a label printer, housed in a waterproof stainless steel garage. These factory floor touchscreen systems are then networked to your office system to provide seamless integration and a smoother flow of real time information from operators to administrators.

Orders that arrive on your office PC are transmitted to the touch screen for weighing. Subsequent data can be exported to your accounts package for invoicing. The system allows you to weigh the same order on two or more terminals if necessary.

Software Features

  • Each box of fish is given a unique box number
  • Despatch and traceability details recorded in one procedure
  • Label printed in language of country product despatched to
  • Compatible with current fish labelling regulations
  • Easy label design software
  • Goods Received and Delivery Note design
  • Full range of reports
  • Data correction facility
  • Bespoke software options available

Please contact Niche today to find out more about our bespoke traceability systems for the fish industry.

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