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GDPR food manufacturing software

GDPR food manufacturing software

GDPR food manufacturing software from Niche Food Systems. Not all ERP software systems will comply with GDPR, we have ensured that not only is the data secured and the software is compliant but we also provide training and best practice to all new customers as part of the package. Existing customers will automatically be offered a discounted training package from our in house trainer. We can visit you at your place of business or we can offer training at our offices.

GDPR food manufacturing software – How does this apply to food manufacturing?

No matter what industry you are in, the software systems you use may hold customer or data that can identify an individual, alternatively it may hold employee data or supplier data. All data must be compliant. Our GDPR food manufacturing software is completely secure. any data uploaded to the portal  is immediately encrypted. It is not only the software and the data that needs to be secure it is also internal practices. Paperwork will be one of the biggest areas where companies maybe in breach of GDPR. From employee data, customer invoices and the odd print out left lying around. All this will also constitute a breach of GDPR this is still data. GDPR does not just concentrate on digital data!

If you are looking for GDPR food manufacturing software to enable you to eliminate any current breaches you may have when using paper based systems, then why not contact us today. We have off the shelf packages or we can tailor the software to your individual requirements . Eliminate paperwork, implement compliant GDPR food manufacturing software, additionally you will reduce operating costs as there will be no manual inputting of data, eliminate any human errors and you will be able to offer full food traceability.

GDPR food manufacturing software – Why Niche Food Systems

Established now for decades the industry leader in full food traceability systems and bespoke ERP or manual checkweighing software. The Nucleus software has a multitude of modules that will assist in you being compliant not only now but far into the future. Niche Food Systems are backed by Bizerba who have been serving the food industry since 1866. Specialising in checkweighers, weigh price labelling systems and industrial inspection systems.

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