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Growing interest in the organic food industry

organic foodLast week, the Soil Association reported a promising 3.6% growth in the organic food industry during the month of September, which they claim is due to the success of their popular ‘Organic September’ campaign – “proving small changes can add up to a big difference”.

Figures from Nielsen suggest that the sales of organic products during September exceeded £100 million. The ‘Organic September’ campaign, was shared by both independent retailers and larger national supermarkets and reportedly reached over 6 million people via social media. The premise of the campaign is to encourage shoppers to try something different by altering their usual habits for one month and choosing organic products instead of their usual brands.

Trade consultant at the Soil Association, Finn Cottle, described the positive effects of the campaign:

“This is a clear sign informed UK shoppers are becoming more loyal to organic food and drink. Campaigns like Organic September, alongside recent positive publicity and a renewed emphasis on innovation and new listings, are all helping to bolster performance. The organic sector has been performing exceptionally well since the release of Newcastle University’s research on the benefits of organic, and in fact this growth has taken place against the backdrop of a deflated non-organic sector. New products and wider accessibility to organic will continue to help secure growth in this market.”

As previously reported on this blog, it’s not just the Organic September campaign which is encouraging consumers to buy – further figures from the organics group indicate continued growth within the organic food industry. With growth of 1.6%, compared to the same period last year. Organic poultry has been one of the leading growth areas with an increase of of 6.6% and the independent retail sector has seen organic sales grow by 6.9%

Commercial director at ‘Tree of Life’ organic wholesalers, Mike Kilcourse, has also experienced an increase in sales:

“Interest in organic foods has been particularly strong recently. Sentiment among our retail customers is positive. Recent growth in sales of organic products will have been helped by marketing and promotional activities right the way through the supply chain. Campaigns such as the Soil Association’s Organic September month-long promotion, which we were glad to support this year, go a long way to help raise awareness.”

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